ReLEx Smile

What is ReLEx SMILE?
Refractive Lenticule Extraction (ReLEx) is a new bladeless, flapless, femtosecond laser technique (a specialised laser); currently the most innovative and gentle procedure in laser treatments of the eye for correction of spectacle numbers.

What are the indications of ReLEx SMILE?

 Short Sightedness or Myopia
bullet Far Sightedness or Hyperopia
bullet Astigmatism (Cylinder Power)

How is ReLEx SMILE surgery performed?
ReLEx SMILE involves making a small keyhole opening in the cornea and removing a disc shaped piece of corneal tissue.
Step 1: The VisuMax creates a tiny incision measuring less than 4 mm in the cornea and a refractive lenticule (disc shaped piece of corneal tissue) in the same step.
Step 2: The lenticule which was created is now removed through the tiny opening. As no flap is cut, there is minimal disruption of the cornea.
Step 3: As the lenticule is removed, the form of the cornea is changed. This creates the required change to correct the refractive error.

What are the complications of this surgery?
bullet Risk of Infection, which is substantially reduced when strict precautions are taken.
bullet Incomplete Correction in a small minority of patients, which can be corrected using enhancement procedures.
bullet Weakness of the cornea may be seen in extremely rare cases.


1. Why do you say ReLEx SMILE is better than Lasik?
bullet The disruption to the cornea is 80% less as compared to Lasik and Femto Lasik. This ensures a faster and gentler recovery
bullet It is one of the least invasive Laser Vision Correction Surgeries.
bullet Higher spectacle numbers (> -70D) can be corrected with more accuracy as compared to Lasik and Femto Lasik.
bullet Nerve fibres remain practically intact. This means lesser chances of dry eyes after surgery.
bullet Since suction is created only on the cornea, and not on the conjunctiva like Lasik, it prevents side-effects like bleeding under the conjunctiva.
bullet There is no black out of vision or smell of burnt tissue as with Lasik.

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2. I have heard that in short-sightedness with higher spectacle numbers, the outcome is not too predictable. Is it true?
It is true that with conventional Lasik, results are not too predictable for higher spectacle numbers. With ReLEx SMILE however, there is very little variation of results for short sightedness even as high as -7D or more.
3. Are halos and starbursts inevitable after Lasik surgery?
Higher order aberrations are subtle, complex imperfections in some people's eyes. These are responsible for causing halos, starbursts, ghost images etc. and are increased after conventional Lasik. However, ReLEx SMILE has proven to induce lesser higher order aberrations than conventional Lasik.

4. I am a contact lens user. Does that have anything to do with my Consultation?

Yes, Contact lenses change the shape of your cornea even after you have stopped wearing them. Hence, it is advisable to switch to glasses for a week (2-3 weeks for hard lenses) before your Lasik evaluation. This will help accurate determination of how much corneal tissue needs to be removed in the surgery.
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5.Is Lasik a bad idea for sportspersons?

Conventional Lasik creates a flap which has the risk of getting displaced if there is an injury. That is why people involved in sports are advised against flap surgeries given the high chances of injuries in their profession. Since ReLEx is a flapless surgery. obviously, there is no chance of displacement of any flap.