Lymph Node Biopsy

Patients having swelling in neck ( Lymphnode) undergo biopsy. The specimen is sent for histopathology. Depending on result it can be
bullet Inflamatory
bullet Tuberculosis
bullet Malignant - Cancer Biopsy is important to find the cause and accordingly treat the paitents.
bullet Biopsy of mass from oral cavity , orpharyna, Narophaynx & Laryngopharynx.

Biopsies are taken from different parts of oral cavity like Buccal mucosa , tongue, upper Airway to find out the cause of swelling and accordingly treat it.

Parotid & Submardibular gland
Swelling­Parotid glands are saliva producing gland on either side and check submardibular glands are bilateral saliva producing gland in the floor of mouth in upper paert of neck. When they are enlarged sometime they have to be removed if not resolving with routine medical management.

Submardibular Gland Excision