Cornea And Refractive Services

We at Balaji ENT and EYE hospital have facilities for:
bullet Medical management of Corneal diseases like Corneal Ulcer, infectious Keratitis, Foreign body removal etc.
 Keratoplasty - Use of donor cornea to replace the diseased host cornea. It can be:-
Full thickness - Penetrating Keratoplasty
Lamellar procedures like ALK / DSEK
 Artificial cornea-For patients who are not suitable for Keratoplasty, we have the option of Boston Keratoprosthesis (Kpro)
bullet Limbal Stem Cell Therapy Transplantation
For patients with limbal stem cell deficiency we can perform limbal stem cell transfer from same or other eye or related donor.

Chemical Injury Management
Persons with chemical injury of eyes are attended on emergency basis and offered

Prompt and complete eye washing & medical line of management. Selected patients may require
bullet Bandage contact lenses.
bullet Amniotic membrane graft
bullet Limbal stem cell transfer

Special contact lenses
Apart from the regular soft and semi soft contact lenses for refractive correction we also offer:
bullet Rose k lenses for Keratoconus subjects
bullet Scleral contact lenses for severe dry eye patients like Steven Johnson Syndrome etc