Ear Infections

Infection can occur in

bullet External Ear (Otitis External)
bullet Middle Ear( Otitis Media)

bullet Ear Pain
bullet Blocking Sensation
bullet Decreased Hearing
bullet Ear Discharge
bullet Bleeding from Ear

External Ear Infection
It is seen after swimming (Swimmer's Ear) injury to Cana skin, long term use of Ear buds, impacted wax getting infected.

Treatment :
 It consists of Ear cleaning, Antibiotics, Ear drops, Medicated Ear wicks kept in Ear canal.



Middle Ear Infection :
Caused by viral or Bacteral infection. Mostly seen in children because they develop frequent cold which gets transmitted to middle Ear via smaller Eustaction tube. This mostly get treated with Medicines. Sometimes surgery like Myringotomy with or without ventilation tube placement is done to remove fluid from middle Ear. Sometimes surgery is required for certain conditions such as
bullet Ear Drum Perforation - Tympanoplasty
bullet Cholesteatoma Surgery - Mastoidectomy

There procedures are routinely done at BALAJI ENT & EYE HOSPITAL