Allergic rhinitis is an inflammation of nasal mucous membrane caused by SeIgE mediated reaction to one or more allergies. Allergen may be either pollens,spores,dust mites, animal dander, fungus, food or insects. It is very common in adolescents.

Common symptoms are :
Sneezing, running nose, itching in the nose,ear and eyes, watering of eyes. It severely affects the quality of life of person.

bullet We do SeIgE study for every patient with allergy.
bullet The serum levels of SeIgE is usually markedly elevated in these people.
bullet We further do skin prick Allergy test for these individuals.

Allergy Test :
bullet It is a very simple skin prick test done on OPD basis.
bullet Affordable easily
bullet Can check hypersensitivity for different about 250 substances including air borne allergies, contact allergies and food.

Depending upon the results i.e. the allergen profile for which the individual is hypersensitive we plan the strategy.

bullet Avoidance of specific allergens.
bullet Anti allergic Medicines.

Depending upon the results of allergy test customized Immunotherapy is planned for the individual.
bullet  Immunotherapy is in the form of drops to be taken sublingually by the person by himself/ herself at home.
bullet  The results of immunotherapy are very promising.
bullet  It is affordable and non—invasive.