Hearing Loss


 bullet Conductive Hearing loss
 bullet Sensorineural Hearing Loss
 bullet Mixed Hearing Loss

Conductive Hearing Loss:
bullet This occurs if there is a disease process interfering the sound conduction from external Ear to inner Ear
i.e. Cochlea.
bullet It can be in external Ear (Obstruction) like wax. Tympanic Membrane :
bullet Ear drum perforation.
bullet Middle Ear :†Fluid in middle Ear or Ossicles like Otosclerosis or Eustachiantube Obstruction.

Sensorineural Hearing Loss:
It results due to lesion in Cochlea or 8 Common causes.
bullet  Age realted hearing loss.
bullet  Exposure to loud sound.
bullet  Trauma.
bullet  Bacterial / Viral inner Earinfection.
bullet  8th cranial Nerve tumours.
bullet  Aminoglycosiders / Anticancer drugs.

Mixed hearing loss:
bullet When both conductive & sensorinural hearing loss is present then it is caused Mixed type.
bullet At our BALAJI ENT & EYE HOSPITAL all treatment options are available for all the three types of hearing loss for ranging from hearing aids.
bullet Surgically implantable devices to advanced Ear surgery.
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Hearing Loss in Adults

Its decrease in the ability to perceive sounds. It can be partial or total, sudden or gradual, temporary or permanent. It can affect one ear or both. In general, the risk of hearing loss increases with age.

Types of Hearing Loss in Adults :

a) Conductive Hearing Loss : Outre &/Or Middle ear damage
b) Sensorineural Hearing Loss :
Inner ear damage
c) Mixed Hearing Loss :
Outer &/Or middle ear & Inner ear damage

How to Detect Hearing Loss in Adults?
There are battery of tests that can be used to detect the type & degree of hearing loss in adults, which is very important for its management.
a) Simple & easy to perform & understand.
b) Non Invasive, no pain.
c) Cost effective than CT Scan & MRI

What are the Signs/Symptoms

a) Require frequent repetition.
b) Difficulty following group conversations.
c) Think that other people sound muffled.
d) Difficulty hearing in noisy situations.
e) Trouble hearing children and women.
f) TV or radio turned up to a high volume.
g) Inappropriate answers in conversations.
h) Ringing in your ears.

How to treat the Hearing loss in adults

There are following three management options for hearing loss in adults depending upon the type & cause of the hearing loss.

How to avoid it?
a) Avoid heavy noise exposure for long periods
b) Donít ignore discharging ear
c) Eat dark fruits & vegetable more
d) Donít listen too loud music
e) Consult an ENT specialist & Audiologist immediately if you see any Signs/Symptoms of Hearing Loss.

What if already have hearing loss?
a) Get the Hearing Tested
b) Use Hearing Aids.......